Balloon FAQs

Should I order my balloons in advance?
Balloons are like pizza - each order is custom-made for you and takes time. We strongly recommend that you place your balloon order in advance. Walk-in orders will be filled only after our pre-orders are filled.

When should I pick my balloons up at your store?
We recommend you pick up your balloons no more than three hours prior to your event. However, all of our custom centerpieces are designed to last longer, and may be picked up as early as the evening before your event.

Please note that these times are approximate and are not a guarantee. Other elements, such as heat, humidity, wind, smoke and mishandling of balloons may affect their longevity.

What should I know about transporting my balloons in a vehicle?
All of our balloons are bagged for easy and safe transport; however, if you've ordered more than a dozen balloons, we recommend a mid-sized vehicle or larger.

The maximum capacity of a two-door coupe with an empty back seat is two dozen balloons. A four-door mid-sized car can safely transport up to three dozen balloons. We do not recommend placing balloons in the front seat or trunk of a car.

Can Party On! deliver my balloons?
Delivery is available at an additional cost. Call us for rates.

How long will my balloons last (i.e. remain floating)?
Eleven-inch latex balloons have a "float time" of 12-16 hours, but after eight hours you'll see a significant decrease in size.

Is there anything I can do to extend the life of my balloons?
You can extend the life of your balloons by ordering them with our optional latex sealant treatment, Hi-Float™.

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